1 Cleveland GARRETT Myles DE Texas AM The Browns go to football’s 1st “Money Ball” approach. IT’s all about acquiring more assets. So I worked with many trade many trade scenarios, The Patriots, Dallas and the 49ers. But for now the Browns, bring in a freak athlete, who should be an instant Dog Pound Favorite. They improve, but stay in the Sam Darold Derby for 2018…

2 Washington From
San Francisco
WATSON Deshaun QB CLEM Kirk Cousins and his salary go to San Fran, with a Dabo Swinney approved attitude QB. Deshaun is winner, coachable, mobile. Colt McCoy is the perfect stablemate, and the Skins sign veteran QB Jay Cutler. I see Cutler and Daniel Snyder forming the perfect partnership. Jay will push the ball deep to Pryor, etc., he will stay healthy for a Watson apprentices period of 5, 6 games.
3 Chicago PEPPERS Jabrill S MICH If there was TV Infomercial that sold a product that fixed most the Bears defensive needs, it would be hyping Jabril. Demps and Peppers form a Safety crew, the likes of the 80’s Bears. The Cubs found a 3rd baseman. Jabril can work at LB in passing downs, slip outside and work at CB. Top it off he is retrun option, and blitzes well..
4 Jacksonville FOURNETTE Leonard RB LSU the last alpha RB had was……
5 Tennessee (from LA Rams) HOWARD OJ TE BAMA Receiver for Marcus, a blocker for DeMarco,
6 NY Jets THOMAS Solomon DE STAN low risk pick, who fits nicely with Leonard Williams etc. Can roam the field as backer…smart and athletic enough to grow.
7 LA Chargers LATTIMORE Marshon CB OSU - see Stephon Gilmore, plug and play, try to resign him 4 years.. 8 Carolina R0SS John WR U-WA So Cam, and John, (a great guy) bond while rehabbing shoulders. Cam got to love drop a pill to a 4.22 guy, what motivation.
9 Cincinnati ENGRAM Evan TE OLE M -Deep threat for AJ and Andy. My highest rated player, and my Bengals have been draft off my board for years. Note, Andy Dalton, reached his deep targets in 2016, apology, yep… 10 Buffalo ADAMS Jamal S LSU A much needed door shutting Safety, a shark in deep cover.
11 New Orleans CONLEY Gareon CB OSU Plugs a hole
12 Cleveland (from Philadelphia) TRUBISKY Mitch QB NC - An asset, he hits, no need for Darnold, Rosen etc.
13 Arizona ROBINSON Cameron T BAMA An issue or 2, but meets a need. Cards looking QB. Cam, feel into their hands,,,.
14 Philadelphia (from Minnesota) JACKSON Adoree CB USC plays a bunch of roles, that help
15 Indianapolis SAMUEL Curtis WR OSU - Can work in the slot, wow speed, 3rd down back,
16 Baltimore COOK Dalvin RB FSU a ball control team, that uses a group of RB, Dalvin gives Ravens a Leroy Kelly like Alpha back.
17 Washington REDDICK Hasson LB TEMP a post season riser,.
18 Tennessee ALLEN Jonathan DT BAMA - a couple shoulder surgeries, average work out, drop this top 5 prospect, into a situation where he will all-Pro for years…
19 Tampa Bay HOOKER Malik S OSU a stud Free Safety. Works well, after he recovers from surgery….
20 Denver LAMP Forrest' T wKY -Can play any old O Line position well, fits perfect….. 21 Detroit FOSTER Rueben LB BAMA Very competitive team, lands maybe the best player in the draft, Rueben being avaible here, is probalby a indiction of how poor Mocking 1.0 is …. 22 Miami HUMPHREY Marlon CB BAMA – Stables, the Dolphin corner by committee in 16…
23 NY Giants DAVIS Corey WR wMICH opening for number 3 WR, with some size, and can make the magical catch. Recovering from a injury, Marshall signee…

24 Oakland TANKERSLEY Cordrea CB CLEM Quality press corner, fits a need,
25 Houston McDOWELL Malik DE MHst -Huge talent, under-achieved, with this group, he will achieve and prosper….
26 Seattle RAMCZYK Ryan T WISC College Left Tackle, not quite NFL Tackle feet, but after clean up his hip. Tre physical, good tech, violent hands, he fit.
27 Kansas City BAKER Budda S U-WA - the Chiefs need some fix up in the secondary, Not perfect size, but a great football player…
28 Dallas BARNETT Derek DE TENN - a pass rusher needed, acquired
29 Green Bay WILLIAMS Mike WR CLEM - Jordy Nelson type skills,
30 Pittsburgh MCKINLEY Takkarist LB UCLA -
31 Atlanta CHARLTON Taco. DE MICH -Stud pass rusher
32 New Orleans (from New England) MELIFONWU Obi S uCONN – Elite secondary athlete, Second round
33 Arizona
Cleveland KIZER DeShone QB ND Carson Palmer heir-apparent
San Francisco MAHOMES Patrick QB TXtec - Young Farve,, big arm, can throw from any platform…
35 Jacksonville NJOKU David TE MIAM
36 Chicago BOLLES Garett T UTAH Glennon, the splendid splinter, has skills, is locked and loaded to generally fixed location in the pocket.

37 LA Rams KUPP Cooper WR eWASH - Jared Goff’s new security blanket, he needs a dependable
38 LA Chargers JONES Zay WR eCARL =prolific pass catcher
39 49ers
NY Jets HENDRICKSON Trey DE FLatl - great numbers,
40 Carolina WHITE Tre'Davious CB LSU
41 Cincinnati McMILLAN Raekwon LB OSU
42 New Orleans McCAFFREY Christian RB STAN
43 Philadelphia AWUZIE Chidobe CB COL = more help needed and delivered
44 Buffalo WILLIS Jordan LB K-ST
45 Cleveland
Arizona JONES Josh S NCst
46 Indianapolis NICHOLSON Montae S MHst
47 Baltimore WILSON Quincy CB FLOR
48 Minnesota ADAMS Montravius DT AUB - Floyd in Doubt
49 Washington QUALLS Elijah DT U-WA
50 Tampa Bay HODGES Bucky TE VT
51 Denver RIVERS Derek LB Young Skill set to contribute immediately. Talent to develop
52 Cleveland (from Tennessee) LEGGETT Jordan TE CLEM
53 Detroit KING Kevin CB U-WA
54 Miami KING Desmond CB IOWA -
55 NY Giants BRANTLEY Caleb DT FLOR Hankins out, Brantley in 56 Oakland MIXON Joe RB OKLA – Branded player, Talented Back
58 Seattle OGUNJOBI Larry' DT CHARc
59 Kansas City BRADEN Ben G MICH fits at left guard
60 Dallas WATKINS Carlos DT CLEM
61 Green Bay ANDERSON Ryan LB BAMA
62 Pittsburgh GODWIN Chris WR PSU
63 Atlanta POCIC Ethan C LSU - fill in at RG
64 Carolina (from New England) KAMARA Alvin RB TENN
Third round
65 Cleveland 66 San Francisco 67 Chicago 68 Jacksonville 69 LA Rams 70 NY Jets 71 LA Chargers 72 New England (from Carolina) 73 Cincinnati 74 Philadelphia 75 Buffalo 76 New Orleans 77 Cleveland
Arizona 78 Baltimore 79 Minnesota 80 Indianapolis 81 Washington 82 Denver 83 Tennessee 84 Tampa Bay 85 Detroit 86 Minnesota (from Miami) 87 NY Giants 88 Oakland 89 Houston 90 Seattle 91 Kansas City 92 Dallas 93 Green Bay 94 Pittsburgh 95 Atlanta 96 New England 97c Miami 98c Carolina 99c Baltimore 100c Tennessee (from LA Rams) 101c Denver 102c Seattle 103c New Orleans (from Cleveland thru New England) 104c Kansas City 105c Pittsburgh 106c Seattle

107c 489ers
NY Jets Fourth round
108 Cleveland 109 San Francisco 110 Jacksonville 111 Chicago 112 LA Rams 113 LA Chargers 114 Washington (from NY Jets) 115 Carolina 116 Cincinnati 117 Chicago (from Buffalo) 118 Philadelphia 119 Arizona 120 Minnesota 121 Indianapolis 122 Baltimore 123 Washington 124 Tennessee 125 Tampa Bay 126 Denver 127 Detroit 128 Minnesota (from Miami) 129 Oakland 130 Houston 131 New England (from Seattle) 132 Kansas City 133 Dallas 134 Green Bay 135 Pittsburgh 136 Atlanta 137 Indianapolis (from New England) 138c Cincinnati 139c Philadelphia (from Cleveland) 140 NY Giants 141c LA Rams 142c Houston (from Cleveland) 143c San Francisco 144c Indianapolis Fifth round
145 Cleveland 146 San Francisco 147 Chicago 148 Jacksonville 149 LA Rams 150 NY Jets 151 LA Chargers 152 Carolina 153 Cincinnati 154 Washington (from New Orleans) 155 Philadelphia 156 Buffalo 157 Arizona 158 Indianapolis 159 Baltimore 160 Minnesota 161 San Francisco (from Washington) 162 Tampa Bay 163 New England (from Denver) 164 Tennessee 165 Detroit 166 Miami 167 NY Giants 168 Oakland 169 Houston 170 Kansas City 171 Buffalo (from Dallas) 172 Green Bay 173 Pittsburgh 174 Atlanta 175 Cleveland (from New England) 176c Cincinnati 177c Denver 178c Miami 179c Arizona 180c Kansas City 181c Cleveland 182c Green Bay 183c New England 184c Miami Sixth round
185 Cleveland 186 Baltimore (from San Francisco) 187 Jacksonville 188 Cleveland (from Chicago thru Houston) 189 LA Rams 190 LA Chargers 191 NY Jets 192 Carolina 193 Cincinnati 194 Philadelphia 195 Buffalo 196 New Orleans 197 Arizona 198 San Francisco (from Baltimore) 199 Minnesota 200 New England (from Indianapolis) 201 Washington 202 San Francisco (from Denver) 203 Denver (from Tennessee) 204 Tampa Bay 205 Detroit 206 LA Rams (from Miami) 207 NY Giants 208 Oakland 209 Washington (from Houston) 210 Seattle 211 Dallas 212 Green Bay 213 Pittsburgh 214 Tennessee (from Atlanta) 215 Detroit (from New England) 216c Kansas City 217c Cincinnati 218c Kansas City Seventh round
219 San Francisco (from Cleveland) 220 Washington (from San Francisco) 221 Chicago 222 Jacksonville 223 Miami (from LA Rams) 224 NY Jets 225 LA Chargers 226 Seattle (from Carolina) 227 Cincinnati 228 Dallas (from Buffalo) 229 New Orleans 230 Philadelphia 231 Arizona *232 Minnesota *233 Carolina (from Indianapolis) 234 LA Rams (from Baltimore) 235 Washington 236 Tennessee 237 Tampa Bay 238 Denver 239 New England (from Detroit) 240 Miami 241 NY Giants 242 Oakland 243 Houston 244 Oakland (from Seattle) 245 Kansas City 246 Dallas 247 Green Bay 248 Pittsburgh 249 Atlanta 250 Detroit (from New England) 251c Cincinnati 252c Denver 253c Denver